Sapphire Noir

Sapphire Noir was a 5 part soap opera produced by Fleshy Thud and firewirechannel at The Sapphire Room in the spring of 2011. Based on films and novels of the noir genre, this show had it all: dicks, dames, dough, goons, gams, gumshoes, suckers, skirts, saps, lugs, lookers, lauriers, boobs, babes and bulges. Written (compiled and edited) by Ryan Kerr and filmed by firewirechannel, this first of many soaps to be produced, starred: Dan Smith, Kait Dueck, Laurel Paluck, Sarah Messcherschmidt, Sam Sayer, Esther Vincent, Chad Emby, Matt Gilbert, and the musical stylings of Michael Morritt.

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