Oskorei was the longest piece Fleshy Thud has tackled to date and was based on a soundscape composition by Ian Osborn. Oskorei lives in many legends. The Norse God Odin leads a horde of wolves howling across the sky, snatching the godless from the Earth below to ride forever through the night.

Ranks of Valkyries bear dead warriors from the battlefield, upward, to eternal peace in Valhalla. Bands of outlaw horsemen, their faces blackened, roam the winter countyside demanding tribute from all those whom they encounter. In all these tales, The Dark Ride (Oskorei) presages Ragnarok, Armageddon, the end of this Earthly era, the beginning of the next.

Choreographed by Kerr, it was performed in January 2010 as one of the last events at the old Market Hall Theatre before it’s renovations. Performed by Kerr, Anne Ryan, Jenn Cole, and Sophia Darling.