Don’t Belong

“Don’t Belong: A Minor Collection of Song and Dance” is an exciting original collaborative performance from local singer songwriter DREA and FLESHY THUD. The music is an autobiographical coming of age collection created over three years and performed live by Drea, songwriter/vocals/piano, Michael Morritt, guitar, and J.P. Comeau, bass. The dance component of the piece follows Ryan Kerr, choreographer/performer, and Anne Ryan, performer, through an almost love story set to Drea’s piano compositions written intentionally for a visual reception. This collaborative performance will entertain and challenge the perception of contemporary dance and how it is presented to audiences; the music is haunting and incredibly vulnerable; both combine seamlessly, no part of the performance stands out from the other. Like the dancers, the music and dance need one another, and are nothing without the other. This performance is not to be missed. If you see and hear one performance this year, this should be it. The Sapphire Room is proudly presenting the show Thursday March 31st, Friday April 1st, and Saturday April 2nd at 8pm. Tickets at the door, $10.