Cleaning the Mind

Cleaning the Mind was Fleshy Thud’s second large scale production. It was performed in the spring of 2009 at the Gordon Best Theatre and was made up of three duets.

The first duet, Dry Spell, was choreographed by Anne Ryan and performed by Anne Ryan and Ryan Kerr. It explored two strangers meeting at a train station in a heat wave.

The second duet, Mindful, was choreographed by Kerr and performed by Kerr and Jenn Cole. This piece explored the relationship between lovers who have drifted apart, but are attempting to reunite. A video of this wonderful piece can be found in the gallery section.

The third duet, Acknowledging the Good Stuff, was choreographed by Kerr and was performed by Kerr and Anne Ryan. This was an intimate duet about lovers seeing each other for what they are, good and bad.

Cleaning the Mind also featured original new music by Jordan Mack and Eric Fines.